Getting the Most out of Assessments

Self-awareness seems increasingly essential these days. While most people believe they are self-aware, studies and our experience reveal that self-awareness is a rare trait. Research from Harvard Business Review suggests that “when we see ourselves clearly, we are more confident and more creative. We make sounder decisions, build stronger relationships, and communicate more effectively.” 1 …

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Keep Learning

What I learned from studying for an HR professional certification A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to study for the SHRM Certification exam. SHRM stands for the Society of Human Resource Management. It is a standard in the HR profession. Besides learning the body of competencies and knowledge required to pass the …

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How Strategic and Personal Plans Work Together

As we fulfill the role of Direction Setter as leaders, we use a Strategic Plan. The process of strategic planning in closely linked to the Position Focus (PF) conversations we have with our team members individually and the People Meetings we have to determine how we prepare our people for future leadership roles needed on our plan. Roger Osbaldiston …

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Key Development Assignments (KDAs) that “STRETCH”

Key Development Assignments (KDAs) are a key element in our Position Focus conversations, the Staff Development Cycle and our Leadership Pipeline Process. We also call KDAs “STRETCH” assignments”. Here is a creative and helpful explanation of what that means.  S – Specific and Strategic – Developmental assignments should be laser focused. What exactly do you want …

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New Session 1.10 Theological Development available for New Staff Training

Eric Schlottman from the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Area has generously created a session for 1.10 Theological Development. As you may remember, a specific theological content was not developed because the resources vary so greatly from Area to Area. However, Eric and team felt it would still be helpful to have a basic session for that topic.[/caption] …

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New Staff Training and Volunteers for the Great Commission

How can we recruit and train more people to be involved in the Great Commission? During the Global Leadership Conference (GLC) this past summer, the LDHR leaders identified key SHIFTS we need to make to achieve our 2020 goal of 10 million multiplying disciples. The first two of those SHIFTS are greater spiritual dependence and a volunteer friendly …

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Preparing to facilitate a New Staff Training Session

Would you like to ensure your New Staff learn and apply their training in the best way possible?  The following are nine tips we’ve gathered from conversations with trainers around the world. 1.  Ask questions. Chee Yee (Area LDHR in East Asia) suggests these: Did I pray? What is the main point of the session? What is my …

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Resources for You

DIRECTION SETTER | CHANGE AGENT | SPOKESPERSON | COACH/DEVELOPER How does the Leadership Framework apply to my day-to-day life and work? How can I grow and develop to better carry out the Roles and Responsibilities of the Leadership Framework? These are common and very important questions. Finding answers to these questions will give you greater confidence and …

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Spiritual Formation

by Ray Wheeler (It a great privilege to introduce you to Ray Wheeler’s guest post. He was one of my MA professors at Azusa Pacific, and I was encouraged and challenged by his wisdom and warmth. I know you will appreciate those characteristics in this post. Terry Morgan) Engaging your task as a leader fully requires …

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LAC Area New Staff and Trainer’s Training

New Staff really do represent the future of our movement, and to see their eagerness to learn and their enthusiastic participation is a great encouragement. We recently completed a four-day Trainers’ Training session in Panama for 17 trainers from nine countries in our Area (Panama, Venezuela, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Chile). This …

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Coaching Groups for Trainers Training

Coaching groups are a powerful addition to a NST Trainers Training event. They are a great place to process questions and practice the learning content. Coaching groups serve various important purposes: They help the participants/trainers to get to know each other better. They create a interactive, peer learning community. They provide a great opportunity to increase skills …

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Talent doesn’t equal character

“Remember, when you select someone, talent doesn’t equal character. Their character will ultimately determine whether their talent is usable.” (Dr. Henry Cloud) Check out the Leadership Framework to help you grow in character and leadership skills. There are lots of FREE resources, PowerPoints and articles to help you become the kind of leader worth following.

Adaptability and Flexibility for Catalytic Ministry

Andrea Buczynski, Terry Morgan and I recently met with Roger Osbaldiston, VP of Student-Led Movements (SLM). We wanted to learn more about his dreams, goals and challenges for SLM, specifically related to New Staff Training and catalytic ministry. “The gospel for every student, a movement for every campus, and leaders for every nation” is the …

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Chess not Checkers

The following guest post is by Terry Morgan. Her blog is She writes about learning and leadership in an authentic, warm, honest and challenging way. You can sign up to follow her blog on the site. Chess not Checkers offers some great insights for new team leaders…Enjoy! ___________________________________ I don’t even know how to play …

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Great Teams Don’t Just Happen

by Andrea Buczynski A team is a group of people committed to a common purpose who choose to cooperate in order to achieve exceptional results. Pat MacMillan Certainly, when we think about “movements everywhere” and helping to fulfill the Great Commission, the need for teams and partnerships is obvious. The practical necessity of teams is so clear; yet the development …

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