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Helping chart your career path

The Career Pathways process can help you chart a course for career development within the organization. It facilitates understanding how God has shaped you and helps determine a right “fit”  in current and future roles.


your God-given design, desires and calling
Focus on how God has made you and the burdens He has put on your heart.


your best contribution
Evaluate and identify what you believe would be your best contribution as you seek to serve Him.


your growth and development
Use the “5 E’s” to plan developmental action steps for greater fruitfulness in your current role and/or equipping you for a future role.

The Career Pathway Map helps you assess God’s design in your life, the desires He has placed in your heart, and His special direction for how He plans to uniquely use you in His kingdom work. Knowing these things will give greater clarity in weighing ministry options and finding your best contribution as you seek to be a good steward of all God has entrusted to you. It will also help you plan areas for development to help you move toward your desired career path. 

Take the time to consider possibilities, make the right preparations, and enjoy the Lord in the process!

** For team leaders: If you’ve been in leadership for any length of time, you’ve experienced a team member coming to you to announce his/her decision to move on. It doesn’t matter what you say or do, they have already decided there is no future for them in the organization and have started pursuing other options. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Your team members want to be known, needed, and have a future. Walking with them through the Career Pathways Planning process can help. 

The Career Path Planning process is centered around the Career Pathway Map, which is a tool designed to help a person know his/her God-given design and desires, discern best contributions, and plan for growth and development to achieve greater fruitfulness in both current and future roles.


Step 1: Know your God-given design, desires, and calling

As you work through the Know section of the Career Pathway Map, you will focus on how God has made you, including your gifts, strengths, abilities, personality type, passions and burdens He has put on your heart, and His particular calling and leading.

It is also helpful to get feedback from others who know you regarding their understanding of your gifts, strengths, and passions. 

Step 2: Discern your best contribution

Next, you will identify your best contributions as you seek to serve Him, including clarity on your personal mission, a description of your ideal role, and prayerfully exploring available options.

Asking for possible role options from others who know you well is helpful in this process. 

Step 3: Plan your growth and development

Use the “Five Es / 5 Es” to plan developmental action steps for greater fruitfulness in your current role and/or equip you for a future role.

A coach can help you choose steps, ensure they are measurable, observable, and achievable, and encourage you through to their successful completion.

Career Pathway Tools

Click the links below to download the key tools for the Career Pathway Planning process. 

Career Pathway Map – the main resource for charting your course

Peer Feedback Sheet – for obtaining input from others

SMART Goals – how to set goals that will work

Bringing Clarity to Calling – a paper outlining issues surrounding that often-mysterious issue of “God’s calling”

Career Pathways Overview – a one-page summary

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