Discovering Development Pathways

In an age where less of our stuff is physical and more is digital, I get a little overwhelmed with what to do with “folders” on my shelves. As I was having a bit of a clear-out over the holidays, I noticed something.

There seemed to be numerous folders of courses and conferences that I’d attended, where I’d made copious notes and even written assignments. However, I had virtually no memory of the training time or any practical applications from the courses.

But then there were the development projects that I’d initiated: tools for an LDHR need, a handbook to help Churches manage their people; and my Master’s dissertation research chosen to help solve a UK HR issue. I am re-energized simply by looking at the folders and thinking about the challenges that had prompted the development projects.

I’ve come to realise that some of my most significant professional growth and development came from seeing a need and having to figure out a solution, not from courses that told me the answers to questions I often wasn’t asking.

This realisation of how we learn best prompted the creation of the Development Pathways resource in our Learning Centre on this website.

This ‘course’ is different as it is a collection of self-directed learning modules that will hopefully spark your interest and meet your needs as an LDHR leader. Each module will give you a brief overview of the topic, outline some possible learning objectives and assignments, point you in the direction of some resources, and guide you through the process of planning out your learning. However, it WON’T give you all the answers or even tell you what the questions should be.

We pray that Development Pathways will not result in a “shelf filled with folders” that you will never look at again. Instead, we want to help you create workable plans, resources, and systems, design training and development opportunities for others, and ultimately develop staff teams better equipped to help their nations discover Jesus.

Why not Discover the Course, log in to enroll, and start exploring now?

Paul Cheesman works in Leadership Development and HR for CCCI / Cru. He’s based in the UK and works with LDHR leaders worldwide.

6 réflexions sur “Discovering Development Pathways”

  1. Thanks for your hard work Paul I love the theme and focus on learning through solving problems and developing as leaders as we do that. This has been a huge theme and success story with Action Learning in our emerging leader programs globally and in US! Thanks again to you and your team!


      Thanks, Barry. I can’t take much of the credit, but the team have done such a great job in pulling the modules together and hopefully, it’ll grow from there!

  2. Paul, great concept- love how you really hit the nail on the head- we learn by solving real problems. I am looking forward to using this resource.


    Great post, Paul. I am so excited to have this resource. I love the emphasis on self-learning rather than giving people the answers. Well done.

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