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Comment les Plans Stratégiques et Personnels Fonctionnent Ensemble

As we fulfill the role of Direction Setter as leaders, we use a Strategic Plan. The process of strategic planning in closely linked to the Position Focus (PF) conversations we have with our team members individually and the People Meetings we have to determine how we prepare our people for future leadership roles needed on our plan. Roger Osbaldiston …

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Des Ressources pour Vous

DIRECTION SETTER | CHANGE AGENT | SPOKESPERSON | COACH/DEVELOPER How does the Leadership Framework apply to my day-to-day life and work? How can I grow and develop to better carry out the Roles and Responsibilities of the Leadership Framework? These are common and very important questions. Finding answers to these questions will give you greater confidence and …

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De la Faillite de la Foi à la Foi Riche

Leaders do not lead perfect faith-filled lives. They sometimes struggle greatly with God and their circumstances. Sufen Tsai shares a beautiful testimony of her struggle and renewed faith in this post. we hope you will enjoy her story and find encouragement and hope for your personal faith challenges. Becoming LOVE by Sufen Tsai I went bankrupt. …

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Le Cœur du Problème

Marc Rutter has often said, “The heart of the matter is that leadership is a matter of the heart”. In one translation of the Bible, “heart” is mentioned 862 times. Gary Runn has written an excellent article included in the session on: The Heart of a Leader. Gary says, “the heart encompasses our mind, will, and emotions. …

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Le Talent n'égale pas le caractère

“Remember, when you select someone, talent doesn’t equal character. Their character will ultimately determine whether their talent is usable.” (Dr. Henry Cloud) Check out the Leadership Framework to help you grow in character and leadership skills. There are lots of FREE resources, PowerPoints and articles to help you become the kind of leader worth following.

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