New Staff Training and Volunteers for the Great Commission

How can we recruit and train more people to be involved in the Great Commission?

During the Global Leadership Conference (GLC) this past summer, the LDHR leaders identified key SHIFTS we need to make to achieve our 2020 goal of 10 million multiplying disciples.

The first two of those SHIFTS are greater spiritual dependence and a volunteer friendly perspective.

A third SHIFT is inspiring, motivating and equipping our staff for that volunteer perspective.

Related to these shifts, some of the key conversations we have had recently deal with how to support the SLM Catalytic Strategy. The LDHR Area leaders and coaches will also be discussing how to better recruit and train more people to be involved in the Great Commission during their coaching visits and monthly chats.

We lead the first experience for training and equipping in our organization. The question also comes to us:

What can we do as NST trainers and leaders
to equip our staff with a volunteer friendly perspective? 

Here are some ideas we’d like you to try:

  • Make adjustments for the SLM Catalytic strategy and new staff. What can you adjust in your new staff training experience to equip the new staff who come from a Catalytic background and desire to return to that type of ministry? How can the on-the-field training tasks be done in a Catalytic context?
  • Consider how to adapt the training materials and expectations for use with volunteers. What virtual or short-module deliveries could be created? Which would be the most important topics to cover with volunteers? Who could do the training?
  • Review the training materials and make relevant updates for new tools, resources and vocabulary that has been created in the last five years since the new training was implemented.
  • Collaborate across strategies. Meet with your strategy (SLM, LeaderImpact, GCM, Althletes in Action, etc) leaders and ask for feedback regarding how to improve the training experience for the new staff they are recruiting.

What else could you do? Are there things you have already implemented that you could share with the rest of us? 


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