Learning the Leadership Framework in South Asia

Keith Spence and I (Ben Sparkman) recently had the privilege to teach a 20-hour graduate level course on the Leadership Framework to 47 leaders in South Asia. This proved to be a rich learning experience for all, and at the end of the course, we left with a desire to dive even more deeply into the Leadership Framework. This framework is an almost inexhaustible source of leadership discussion and growth.

The students all read the book The Art of Virtue-Based Transformational Leadership by Mark McCloskey and Jim Louwsma. This book covers the basic layout of the Leadership Framework and offers some helpful insights on the framework based on the book of Nehemiah. This book was only briefly referenced during the course since it was the core reading assignment.

The layout for the course was:

첫번째 날입니다. Focus on servant leadership from Matthew 20:20-28 and Acts 6:1-7

Day 2 Focus on the Heart of the Leader and Relationships of the Leader

Day 3 Focus on the overview of the Leadership Framework and the Role of Change Agent

Day 4 Focus on the Responsibility of Aligning and then Results of the Leader

Day 5 Focus on Stewardship and then a final exam on the Leadership Framework

After the course, Keith discussed the integrated frameworks (Strategic Planning Process, Leadership Framework, Building Powerful Ministry Teams, and the Rocket diagram) and how they work together to show us where we are going and how we will get there.

Most of the content for the various sessions was based on the 리더십 프레임웍. One of the goals of the course was to introduce these leaders to the resources available to them for further learning as well as to show the robust inter-relationship of all the parts of the Leadership Framework (ie. how all the responsibilities are lived out in all the roles, etc.).

How does a leader use all four responsibilities (vision-casting, strategy formulation, aligning and motivating) in the role of change agent? How about spokesperson?

The most robust sharing was centered on group discussions on Biblical references for all parts of the Leadership Framework. These discussions deeply cemented the framework in its scriptural moorings.

What initially seemed a generous time allotment for focus on one framework quickly became a challenge in focusing on the key aspects for these leaders. It’s fair to say we all left for a desire to learn all the more about the Leadership Framework and incorporate it into our upcoming Position Focus for continued growth and development.

How has the Lord been causing growth in your heart as a leader?


** Thanks Ben and Keith for this great post.

How have you taught the Leadership Framework in your area? How have you incorporated the Leadership Framework into your Position Focus (CMO’s, PDP, KDA)?

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