National Team Leader Development

The National Team Leader (NTL) sets the spiritual temperature and strategic direction for the national ministry, so investment in the initial training and ongoing development is essential. The National Team Leader Development content casts vision for this role and provides principles and practical content. 

Through establishing Roles and Expectations, the NTL Development content focuses on accomplishing the learning outcomes for the different elements of the NTL’s job. It is divided into 3 Areas:

  1.   Leading Spiritually
  2.   Leading Strategically
  3.   Leading as a Steward

Flexible Learning

All the content is designed to be used flexibly and can be adapted to the contexts and learning environments of the leader. The NTL Development identifies and explains how the material can be used in five common learning environments.

An NTL Self-Assessment is also included to evaluate needs and monitor progress.

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Featured Tools

Equipping you with the tools you need to develop leaders who build movements

個人育成計画 (PDP)

A step-by-step worksheet to help you describe areas for growth, set clear goals, and consider different methods and opportunities to create and implement a development plan


A proven "recipe" for growth in greater self-awareness and self-management skills using context, principles and case studies

Learning as a Lifestyle

Practice these four habits and develop a lifestyle of continual learning

30 Days of Feedback

Tips and activities to encourage you and your team in giving and inviting feedback