Raise up leaders!

Feeling overwhelmed? Have too much to do? Wondering how to make more progress towards the mission?

Those are common concerns for new team leaders, and my conversations this past week indicate that one answer is for leaders to invest in the growth and development of their team members and volunteers in order to reach 2020 goals.

I’ve been thinking about the Staff Development Cycle and asking how many leaders have the growth and development of their team members as one of the Critical Mission Objectives (CMO) on their Position Focus. When leaders do not have team member development as one of their Critical Mission Objectives, it is no wonder that Position Focus conversations and other coaching opportunities often feel like a burden or a distraction from “important” work, rather than some of the most important work of a team leader.

Developing, empowering, and helping team members to fulfill their crucial role in accomplishing the mission can exponentially multiply  your fruitfulness and impact as a leader. 

You can accomplish more with a motivated, focused, and well-resourced team than you ever could alone, no matter how amazing you are or how hard you work! 🙂

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What do you think? How might this change how you view your work as a team leader?
What adjustments will you make to your Mission Critical Objectives? How can you better implement the Staff Development Cycle for your team members?

Terry Morgan

Hi! I’m Terry, married to Steve and mother of four adult children. I have worked with Cru for almost 40 years, 20 of those years in Latin America. I am passionate about helping people find grace, hope, and growth by walking closely with Jesus. As part of that passion, I coach and train ministry leaders worldwide and create resources to help others grow. You will often find me in our patio garden, processing life with Jesus, with a cup of strong, black coffee in hand.

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  1. For some good material on the Staff Development Cycle, check out the \”New Work\” tab:
    Getting 90% of our staff in a regular SDC process by June of 2017 is the priority goal for LDHR leaders. Your LDHR leader is available to help you with anything you need (resources, coaching, etc) that you might need to have quality PF conversations with your team. Don\’t hesitate to ask them!

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