Simplifying Organizational Life with Elegant Processes

LDHR creates organizational systems that accelerate the mission by ensuring quality staff and leaders, maintaining standards worthy of our calling, and complying with the laws of the nation. They also empower staff by establishing excellent processes that meet their needs and increase their effectiveness.

Leadership Selection Process

Selecting the right leaders for the mission

As a result of the Leadership Pipeline Process you have a pool of potential leaders, but how do we select the right people for these vital leadership roles? The Leadership Selection Process provides a transparent and clear process to ensure that all suitable candidates are considered, screened and selected in a way that is honoring and effective.

Leader Transition Process

Ensuring the newly appointed leaders can transition well

Having selected a new leader, the Leader Transition Process helps ensure that newly appointed leaders are prepared for the stress related to transitions, can experience fruitful leadership transitions, and are able to function effectively in their new leadership roles.

Conflict, Grievance, and Discipline

Navigating the tricky HR conversations of organizational life

Whether we embrace it or try to avoid it, conflict is part of team life. However, the way it is dealt with can be the determining factor between whether the situation becomes a growth point for a team member or is the spark that becomes destructive for both the team member and often the wider team around them.

Featured Tools

Introducing you to the foundational tools of LDHR. 

Staff Standards

Articulating what it takes to be a staff member of CCCI

The Purpose and Practice of Policy

The reasons we have them and how to write them

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