Intercultural Leadership

leadership behaviors and mindsets Welcome! We’re glad to have you here. Working with people from different cultural backgrounds is challenging, rewarding, and a common occurrence for us in our virtually connected, distributed teams, global ministry. You may have a lot of varied cultural experiences, or you may be entering a new adventure in a new

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leadership behaviors and mindsets Welcome! We’re glad to have you here. Have you ever wanted to get something done but didn’t have the time, energy, or knowledge to make it happen? When we ask others to help, we are often using a network in some way or another. Networks are not new. Only recently, however,

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Empowering Others

leadership behaviors and mindsets Welcome. It’s great to have you here for the Empowering Others course. Leaders want to make an impact. We want to influence others and achieve results that make a difference for good. We want to lead as Jesus led, and we want to contribute to His mission. Empowering others is an

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Crucial Conversations

leadership behaviors and mindsets For most of us, having a crucial conversation is not a new concept. However, few of us would say crucial conversations are easy or that we know everything we need to know to do them well. This content addresses challenges to crucial conversations, demonstrates the value of those conversations, and improves

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Development Pathways

growing in competence and confidence Welcome You’ve just arrived in an unusual place that offers unique, personalized, and self-directed learning possibilities! We’re glad you are here. Please click the yellow Login button below and then check out the “Welcome – Start here!” topics on the menu first to see the big-picture view of how these modules

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Your First 100 days

building LDHR competence and confidence Welcome! As Leadership Development and Human Resources (LDHR), we help accelerate the mission by collaborating interdependently with strategy leaders to develop people and teams. We want every staff member and volunteer to feel known, needed, and have a future. We help build sustainable leader capacity – quantity and quality of

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