Introduction to Intercultural Leadership

leadership behaviors and mindsets


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Working together with people from different cultural backgrounds is challenging, rewarding, and practically a common occurrence for us in this virtually-connected, distributed teams, global ministry. We may have a lot of varied cultural experiences, or this may be a brand new experience in a new role. We can all grow in our understanding of intercultural leadership and develop our skills as a team, living out Biblical principles and increasing our fruitfulness for His glory and Kingdom work. 

This course is longer than the others in this section. We will want to dedicate time to engage with the content, watch the videos, reflect deeply on the questions, and interact with others over the case studies. The course is not meant to be solely an intellectual exercise. It is intended to change our hearts and our actions – to transform us. Let’s trust God to work in us through the content of this course. Enjoy the learning.

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A Biblical Foundation
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