Empowering Others

leadership behaviors and mindsets


It’s great to have you here for the Empowering Others course.

Leaders want to make an impact. We want to influence others and achieve results that make a difference for good. We want to lead as Jesus led, and we want to contribute to His mission. Empowering others is an essential part of accomplishing those things. 

This course was created by real people – Cru leaders from various geographical regions – with interview contributions from many others. None of them will tell you that they have figured out all they need to know about empowering others. They have had positive and negative experiences with empowering others. We are all on this learning journey together. 

In this course, we will develop skills for when and how to empower others, consider barriers to this way of leading, and choose ways to apply our learning in various relationships in our context. 

Empowered people become better equipped and more confident in what they are called to do. They increase their engagement and grow in autonomy and ownership of the work. Empowered people feel valued, desire to offer their best contribution, and reach goals worthy of celebration.

This is the kind of culture we want to foster. These are the kind of people we need in God’s Kingdom work.

Let's start learning.

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Empowering leadership creates an environment
that challenges people to reach their highest
development potential and maximize their strengths
for optimum leadership results.

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