Chess not Checkers

The following guest post is by Terry Morgan. Her blog is She writes about learning and leadership in an authentic, warm, honest and challenging way. You can sign up to follow her blog on the site. Chess not Checkers offers some great insights for new team leaders…Enjoy!
chess not checkerI don’t even know how to play chess, but I loved this book!

In typical Mark Miller style, he writes the book as a story, weaving humor, wisdom, care, and pragmatism in a quick, easy-to-read format. The main character, Blake Brown, takes a new CEO job in a struggling organization. Work is frustrating and drudgery, teamwork is non-existent, morale is weak, and customers are going elsewhere. The game has changed, old strategies aren’t working, and losing is miserable for everyone.
Blake begins to meet with a chess master mentor who teaches him four simple – yet essential –principles for playing a new game in today’s complex world:
[Click here to read about the four simple principles that will help you as you lead your team…]

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