Adaptability and Flexibility for Catalytic Ministry

Andrea Buczynski, Terry Morgan and I recently met with Roger Osbaldiston, VP of Student-Led Movements (SLM). We wanted to learn more about his dreams, goals and challenges for SLM, specifically related to New Staff Training and catalytic ministry.
5510561294_14ef21718b_zThe gospel for every student, a movement for every campus, and leaders for every nation is the SLM rallying cry.
In view of our vision to help raise 10 million multiplying disciples, SLM has a 2020 goal to establish a ministry presence on 50% of the world’s universities.
SLM currently has presence on less than 20%. This creates a challenge and opportunity.
Roger writes: “I have come to the conclusion that alongside our other models, catalytic strategies are the best approach we have to make significant and rapid progress towards movements on every campus. In addition, Catalytic has consistently demonstrated that it furthers the “student-led” principles we’re founded upon, generates transferable digital resources, and prepares graduates well for lifelong leadership and multiplication.” (NCL Forum, March 2015)
How can we (trainers, training directors and LDHR leaders) help them?
We can pray for SLM as they trust the Lord for big things during the next five years. We can also think creatively about the ways we offer the NST to catalytic staff.
A few thoughts come to mind:

1. We already adjust the NST for different MCC contexts. In Western Europe, Shelly Gilmore and Deb Groff taught us to consider how the same NST session content could be flexibly taught to a new staff accountant and to a new campus staff. We can do the same for those who serve in catalytic ministry. Same great content creatively applied to a unique ministry context.

2. We could also adjust the training venue. For catalytic new staff, a centralized location with staffed-ministry experience might not be the best option. How could those staff receive the NST while they remain in a catalytic setting and build movements there?

To best support SLM goals, priorities and direction, we want to apply intellectual flexibility and adult learning principles to New Staff Training.
What other adjustments or changes could you suggest?
Why not sit down with the SLM leaders in your country or area and begin the conversation:

In light of the SLM goals of more catalytic ministry, how could we support you as we deliver the New Staff Training?

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