New Session 1.10 Theological Development available for New Staff Training

Eric Schlottman from the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Area has generously created a session for 1.10 Theological DevelopmentAs you may remember, specific theological content was not developed because the resources vary so greatly from Area to Area. However, Eric and the team felt it would still be helpful to have a basic session on that topic.

He wrote:

“I realize that specific options for ongoing theological development of our staff, such as IBS or CoreDoctrine, are not uniformly available, and so I have not based this session on any one in particular.  Rather, I’ve asked the staff themselves to investigate what they can do to grow in this area.  I believe that at this point in their staff career the most important goal is to get them committed to ongoing learning and to take some first steps in that direction.” Eric is also open to your comments, suggestions, and feedback. You can write him at Eric.Schlottman @ Thank you, Eric, for your great commitment to the New Staff Training and for your willingness to share your work with others!

If you have any resources to share with the NST community, please let me know! (terry.morgan @
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Terry Morgan

Hi! I’m Terry, married to Steve and mother of four adult children. I have worked with Cru for almost 40 years, 20 of those years in Latin America. I am passionate about helping people find grace, hope, and growth by walking closely with Jesus. As part of that passion, I coach and train ministry leaders worldwide and create resources to help others grow. You will often find me in our patio garden, processing life with Jesus, with a cup of strong, black coffee in hand.

5 thoughts on “New Session 1.10 Theological Development available for New Staff Training”

  1. Thanks for your thinking on this topic Eric! You have carried the baton on this topic for many years, and have helped our staff be grounded in theological basics. Thanks for all the work you put in to making this available to the staff!

  2. This is great Eric!
    Kenya New staff are set to undertake IBS in June. The last cycles response was that content was very intense… many of skills obtained are not being practically applied. . . Praying for wisdom of how we will deliver it this time

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