The Secret to Having the Leaders You Need

Do you have the leaders you need? Having the quantity and quality of leaders for vital ministry roles is crucial for all of us. There is nothing more frustrating than having a very short list of potential candidates – or no one at all – who is ready to fill a need. This lack of leaders is a common reality, but we want to help you change that!

Andrea Buczynski created an excellent set of five videos that address this leadership sustainability need. She speaks from 20 years of wisdom and experience in LDHR and shares from her world travels, where she heard about the challenges and the lack of leaders in many countries. 

In these five videos, Andrea helps you consider the vision and practical steps for creating a “deep bench” of potential ministry leaders.

These five videos take only minutes to watch, and questions are provided at the end so you can discuss with your team how you will apply the principles learned. 

Why not plan to watch and discuss one of these videos with your team soon?

A sustainable leadership program
will be vital to growing your ministry
to meet your harvest goals.

Getting to know the Five Es
of Leader Development

Using the Staff Development Cycle
to Prepare Leaders

Getting to know the Five Es of Leader Development

How the Leadership Pipeline Process and the Staff Development Cycle work together

The big picture of how we sustainably develop leaders in our ministry to grow and thrive. (all five videos)

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