Master’s Graduates in Cru LAC

On June 29th, 47 students walked the stage graduating with a Master’s in Leadership from Kairos University1! The ceremony took place in Medellin, Colombia, and the students, all full-time Cru staff from all over Latin America & the Caribbean, had their picture, role, and a single phrase of their choice displayed behind them as they walked.

This was the culmination of a two-year program, which began as an advanced leadership training initiative for senior staff in LAC. Upon its further development, a partnership was made between UNILID2, the International Leadership Consortium (ILC)3, and Kairos University.

The coursework focused on a “head, heart, hands” approach to learning – meaning participants were not only learning content but also integrating character development and craft into the curriculum. Each student was guided/coached by a faculty mentor, a life mentor, and a ministry mentor who would meet with them throughout the program to help with feedback, comprehension, and application. The learning journey consisted of learning experiences (or courses) focused on six major character traits:

  • Maturing Disciple Maker
  • Biblically-Rooted Christian Thinker
  • Servant-Shepherd-Steward Leader
  • Healthy Relater
  • Contextually Reflective Practitioner
  • Vocationally Competent Professional

The courses were flexible in nature, making it feasible for these 47 students, many of whom were learning new roles in light of the major reorganization of the ministry. The content was exceptionally relevant, abundantly helpful, and immediately applicable.

This is the first graduating class of the partnership, and hopefully, there will be more to come, not only in LAC but in many places around the world.

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1Kairos University – Formerly Sioux Falls Seminary, a partner institution accredited by ATS (Association of Theological Schools) and the Higher Learning Commission, USA. Website:

2UNILID (Universidad Iberoamericana de Liderazgo) – Certified since 2000 by the FCPC (Florida Council of Private Colleges). UNILID is one of the schools under the umbrella of the ILC. Website:

3ILC – International Leadership Consortium

I was born and raised in Vienna, Virginia. I’m married to Tabo, mamá to Enzo, Max, and Tessie. I have a special love for Argentina and feel deep roots there, having spent formative early adulthood years there, as well as my husband and two of my three kids being born there. From a young age, I’ve been interested in people, languages, and cultures. I love a good sunset, coffee, trivia, a great laugh with good friends, and time with my husband and kids.

3 thoughts on “Master’s Graduates in Cru LAC”

  1. Doreen Johnson

    It was a joy and privilege to have participated in the just concluded LAC LDHR meeting in Columbia. THANKS TO KELLY AND HER EFFICIENT TEAM WHO INVESTED THEIR TIME AND RESOURSES TO THIS TIME OF MEETING. We were further informed about, excited and challenged as we looked at the Staff Development Cycle. Crisis Management and GNOWBE et al. It was also a refreshing time of fellowship.
    LDHR in our region has taken a giant leap forward.


    Congrats, Kelly! What a great accomplishment for you and all the others. I’m excited to see how God uses this learning in the future leaders of LAC. Well done!

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