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Team Leaders are doing extra work during this COVID-19 pandemic. So much of the way we work and do ministry has changed. Team members are facing challenges of health fears, decision fatigue, isolation, stay-at-home and lock down orders, craziness at home and new home-schooling responsibilities, and much more. We have never been through anything like this before, so the Christ-centered, adaptive leadership grows more valuable every day.

Paul Cheesman, as leader of the VP LDHR Resourcing Team, has partnered with the Global Crisis Management Team and some wise, caring, and experienced leaders to provide three new videos with accompanying resources to meet some of these special needs. We are excited to share them with you.


The first interview video, with Cherry Fields, talks us through our own posture and how we as team leaders can best support our team members as they walk through this pandemic. 

It is based on Cherry’s article “Leading in Times of Crisis.



The second interview is with Sandy Trzcinski who explains how we can process our experiences as a team.  Sandy recommends that each team member reflects on his/her experiences personally ahead of chatting as a team. 

Sandy has provided a personal reflection and also a team leaders’ guide to help you navigate the conversation.



Processing experiences as a team may well be sufficient for many, but you may have a team member who is struggling.  In the third interview, Leeboy De Velez talks about the different options for someone who may be struggling and needs to go deeper

Leeboy provides an overview of what to look out for, how to respond, and how to access further help.


For more helpful resources, please check out this Crisis Care 2020 document.

What are some of the resources that have helped you during these challenging times? 

Terry Morgan

Hi! I’m Terry, married to Steve and mother of four adult children. I have worked with Cru for almost 40 years, 20 of those years in Latin America. I am passionate about helping people find grace, hope, and growth by walking closely with Jesus. As part of that passion, I coach and train ministry leaders worldwide and create resources to help others grow. You will often find me in our patio garden, processing life with Jesus, with a cup of strong, black coffee in hand.

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