Four Tips for Succeeding as a New Leader

Hello Leaders!

I came across this article in Harvard Business Review (HBR) recently and thought you might find it interesting also. It may apply to a new leader you are training or to you personally – or both.

The author, David Brendel, mentions four main tips for relaxing in your new role and letting go of some old ways of thinking:

  1. Mindset Shifts – learning to emphasize the “soft skills” of a leader as well as the “hard skills”
  2. Mindfulness Skills – We would encourage prayer, time in the Word, and reflection in this area: learning to relax through self-awareness and trusting the Lord’s direction and strength
  3. Medical Wellness – taking care of yourself: rest, exercise, diet
  4. Meaning Structures – being confident in the purpose of your work

These are not brand new ideas, but they are basic principles to leading well as a leader.

Read the full article HERE.

Which of these four areas are you doing well? Which one is most difficult for you? What can you do to apply these principles in your new leadership role?

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