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The Origin of the Leadership Framework
The Leadership Framework was developed from a study of a number of highly effective leaders within Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC). While it may be used for leader development purposes, it is a leadership framework, combining the requirements of both spiritual and strategic leadership in light of our calling. This framework identifies what is critical for leaders in Cru/CCC.
If you are not involved with Cru/CCC, you can also grow and improve as a leader by applying the roles and responsibilitiies of the framework to your context. Feel free to adapt or adjust the resources so they are helpful to you!
On this site, each element of the Framework has:

1. an Overview which explains the purpose (outcomes) of the session, the key resonating ideas and slides of the PowerPoint presentation, some preparation tips, and  a review of the addition resources for the session. It will be helpful if you read this page first for each session.

2. a PowerPoint presentation that you can use or adapt to meet your needs. There are ample notes included in each presentation and interaction activities to facilitate learning.

3. an Article (or a few) to read about the topic, and

4. Additional Materials and resources for deeper study and understanding.

Please look around and download anything that is helpful for you. Leave ideas or questions in the comments areas on any page. We would love to hear from you.

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11 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Elizabeth Li (Ai-Ci Li)

    Most of the time people don\’t really like to do the evaluation or keep developing themselves. Do you have seen any country they have done that well and can be a good example for us to encourage people to do it?

  2. It seems to me that the following descriptions would be more apt:
    Relationships: spiritual input
    Roles: synergy skills (instead of \”ways leaders think and act\”)
    Responsibilities: influence skills
    Results: spiritual output (instead of \”measurement of success\”)

    1. Thanks, Berry, for visiting and commenting. Another view I have heard is Relationships (w God and others) as the \”Heart\”, Roles as the \”Hats\” we wear, and and Responsibilites as the \”Hands\” or the what we do to accomplish the roles. No one illustration or description is perfect, but it is great to hear of people wrestling to understand and communicate the Framework! Then the key is applying it!

  3. Thank you Terry Sister for this wonderful site, it really help us to be more clear about the Leadership Framework and this access help many our coworkers in Nepal to now LD Framework better.
    Arjun Pulami
    Nepal Campus Crusade for Christ

  4. Hi, I wonder if there is a way to have this information in Russian? It would be really much easier to use this framework if we would have it in Russian. We used to have a copy of the framework but not all the other articles.

    1. Hi Natasha… soon Google translate will work on the page and at least the site will be easily translated to Russian. As for the content, you can download and translate all of the materials, but I cannot do it for you! 🙂 Everything is editable. If you are interested in working on that or uploading what you already have in Russian for others, just let me know, and I can set you up to do that!

  5. Thanks Andrea for this very developmental tool. In my opinion, this LF is an essential tool for the success of our Movement leaders. Before it goes too far, I would like to suggest to have the site translated into French. I can commit a Task of 3 people in charge of that. What do you think? So any Crusade leader in Francophone can have free access to it without waiting for the LDHR leader to come and train them. I\’m open to your suggestions. Blessings!

    1. Hi Edouard!
      I am investigating the best way to translate the site/materials into French. Thank you for your offer to help! I will get back to you soon about what I discover, and we can consider the next best steps! I\’m really excited that you like the site!
      Terry Morgan
      VP LDHR team

      1. Nice site. Thanks for making this accessible online.
        I thought \”an Additional Materials\” would easier read \”Additional Materials.\”

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