Key Objectives

The key objectives for your Trainers Training event can be determined by doing a Needs Assessment Survey of the participants (trainers and training directors) and by discussing the training needs with the Area LDHR leaders.

Some of the key objectives for the trainers at a Trainers Training are:

  • become very familiar with the 39 Desired Outcomes and the new sessions from the Sample Curriculum
  • grasp their value as trainers, the importance of their role, and the need for humility and life-long learning as a trainer
  • gain appreciation for the need for change
  • recognize the importance of the coaching role and skills in training
  • understand the importance of adult learning, creativity, and coaching for training the New Staff
  • experience adult learning, creative presentation, and coaching during the training week
  • practice facilitating the new sessions and leading coaching groups
  • choose and plan next steps for implementation of new values and skills
  • develop new friendships and a learning community

How will you discern what are the most important for topics for your trainers? 

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