Coaching Groups

Coaching Groups are an integral part of the Trainers Training experience. In these small groups, the participants can experience a coaching culture, practice training sessions in a small group setting, use the coaching process and receive feedback, take turns facilitating group sessions, and have opportunities to ask questions and process the new ideas being presented each day.
Participants forge new friendships as they share life stories and training experiences, and they learn new coaching and adult learning skills from and with each other.
On-going coaching will be key to implementing the new concepts of transformational life-change into the training process. Area and National LDHR leaders can offer to coach New Staff Trainers who want to grow and improve their coaching skills.
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If you have questions about the specific content of the coaching group times, please leave a comment!

4 thoughts on “Coaching Groups”

  1. Hello! We´re working on planning a trainers training and I´m curious about the content of the coaching groups you used. Any help or ideas you can pass along would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Donna, that is an excellent question. Thanks for asking! I will write the answer out in a blog post so that others can see it too. I\’ll let you know the blog link soon!

  2. As a trainer and as a leader involved in building other leaders, i sincerely think this site is a blessing. Thanks for this opportunity of reviewing my notes! It\’s just like i went to Kenya a second time for the same training! Very helpful! Nevertheless, the prayer center seems to be empty;for now! Together with you in the Master\’s Vineyard, Alvine SHUGU: C.C.C. Cameroon

    1. Thanks for the visit, Alvine! You are right about the prayer center. If you have any requests for New Staff Trainings in your country or Area, please let us know!

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