Why are we here?

The first day, “Why Are We Here?“, is designed to give vision to the Trainers and an overview of the new 39 Desired Outcomes. These are some of the sessions that have been done to accomplish that:

The Vision PowerPoint presentation emphasizes four main points:

  • New Staff are a gift.
  • Trainers are involved in New Staff Growth.
  • New Staff Training is an opportunity to set the DNA of the CCC/Cru culture.
  • Training New Staff is an investment in changing the world.

nst vision The session presentation is designed to be accompanied by sharing in pairs, small group interaction and presentations, an action point of preparing a summary 3 x 5 card, and prayer for one another.

You can hear an audio recording of the session HERE.

2. WHY CHANGE? (notes) and PowerPoint

This session has been used effectively in various trainings to help prepare the NST trainers for change. The session facilitator takes feedback from the audience and records on white paper posters changes that have occurred in our world in the last 10-20 years and in our CCC/Cru ministry. Another poster page records the fundamentals that have not changed in the ministry. Next, participants consider their personal responses to change. This exercise prepares the heart and creates a great segue for what is new and what has not changed in the New Staff Training.


This session explains:

  • the history and philosophy of the new 39 Desired Outcomes,
  • the basic content elements available (Guidebook, New Staff Orientation Manual, Sample Curriculum),
  • the emphasis (Heart, Head, Hands), and
  • the layout of the New Staff Training sample curriculum sessions.

You can listen to an audio recording of the session HERE.


This session is a more detailed presentation of the 39 Outcomes, the layout of the corresponding curriculum session for each Outcome, and some of the resources available to evaluate progress.

The session also included a hands-on group interaction of organizing 3 x 5 cards of each of the 39 Desired Outcomes into the 6 main categories to facilitate learning. (HERE are the Outcomes in English and French to copy and/or translate, and cut for 3 x 5 cards.)

You can listen to the audio of the session HERE.

In another fun and memorable interaction exercise, the small groups can then discuss, draw, and “defend” why they consider their main category (Love God, Love Others, Be a Wise Steward, Win, Build, Send) as the most valuable to the training.

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