Team Leader Trainings

It is great to hear stories of successful Team Leader Trainings around the world!
Thanks to Western Europe and Southeast Asia Areas for sharing these stories and pictures!

Last year, Western Europe took on the challenge of training 100 (!) field and capacity team leaders with 10 days of development for 1 purpose – healthy teams, hence the title CXI. 🙂

The time included pre-seminar work, 5-days of on-location seminars, individual assignments, and peer and leader coaching. Some of the topics covered were: lead yourself, planning and meetings, grow and develop your team, collaboration, fund development and MPD, and how the staff development cycle and strategic planning work together.

Content delivery highlighted practical skills and adult learning activities. Participants clearly connected how Staff Development Cycle tools help and serve what they are trying to do as team leaders, and walked away understanding how they work.

In the process, the organizers learned they need to leave more time for participants to reflect, capture and process each day’s content, and they need to be clear about post-event assignments and help some with application to “real” life situations.

“I came feeling like I really shouldn’t be a team leader,
like I didn’t really want to do it anymore.
Now I have a new excitement. I feel confident
and I have concrete tools and skills that I can use.”

“Thanks for all your efforts – it changed my attitude to my team members.
The decision I made to support my team,
so that they can develop to the staff in our department
[has had the greatest impact on my work].”

In East Indonesia, 30 local leaders and their wives learned how they can be more effective leaders and missionaries in the field, including how to deepen their walk with God, how to coach their team members, Staff Development Cycle, Managing Conflicts, how to use information in leading, and how to better connect with others.

A demonstration of a Position Focus conversation, coaching practice, and analyzing GMA information were especially helpful, although they learned they could use more time for all of those activities.

A special highlight: On the third day, they all went witnessing in pairs and praise the Lord for 54 people who heard the Gospel – 11 M’s (!), 32 who received Christ and 22 who were willing to be followed up and grow in their faith.

**If you want to learn more about these trainings, please leave a comment below or contact from Western Europe or Leeboy De Velez from Southeast Asia. You can also check out the Team Leader Training page for more information.



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