Thanks for visiting! This site is designed for YOU – CCC and Cru trainers and directors and LDHR leaders who are passionate about our New Staff – committed to preparing the new staff well with the new 39 Desired Outcomes in the areas of Heart and Ministry Fruitfulness.
If you are not part of CCC or Cru, you are also very welcome here! This site will provide you with resources that you can adapt and/or translate for training and preparing your missionaries, volunteers, or disciples for a lifetime of fruitful ministry!
Great trainers know why training is important. They trust God to lead and train with humility and shared leadership. They implement adult learning principles and coaching in their training. They participate in life-long learning in community. They play an important part in developing leaders for movement building for God’s Kingdom!
We hope this site will be a blessing for you. Take a look at what others have done. Download resources you can adapt to your needs. Comment and interact with others. Share ideas and suggestions.
We are grateful for you! May God greatly bless your training experience!


26 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Jeremiah C. Paye

    Wow, This is amazing. I am Jeremiah a staff with the Great Commission Movement of Liberia. We just started our first NST training in Liberia with 3 new staff. I am serving as director for the training. Please join us in prayers that we will be faithful to help our new staff develop into the kind of staff God want them to be. Pray that God will give me wisdom as I serve this team and the Student led movement team.
    Thanks for this site it is helpful and encouraging.

  2. Pray for CCC in south Krea NST.
    1. 60 trainees started DMPD. To be successful training! To connect good supporters!
    2. We are contextualizing NST manual for our country environments! Desired oucomes, TOT, Manuals etc. To be successful this process!
    3. There are 8 full-time staff in NST HQ. Pray for us that our spiritual gifts are developed and be harmonized!
    I am encouraged by coworking with you always! Take care!

  3. AM preparing for the Trainers retreat for next week and this website is so helpful. we expect to start our NST cycle in early September, for about 7 staff. The emerging trends of catalytic and digital strategies, working with Volunteers are realities in our context as well.

    1. We will be praying for your new NST cycle, Benson. I look forward to chatting with you more in Thailand about your work with NST and your adjustments for Catalytic and Digital strategies, and volunteers!

  4. I am peter lee, working South Korea!
    We are having TOT for 2017 New staff this week!
    20 trainers is gathering for this training!
    I can\’t more appreciate your serving and this site!
    Please pray out trainning and our 76 trainee!

    1. Thank you for letting us know about your TOT, Peter. We are excited for you and glad you have found this site useful for training your trainers. We will pray for your 20 trainers and your 76 new trainees! Please send us an update after your TOT. I am sure others could learn and be encouraged by your work.

  5. Bethlehem Abera

    Hey Terry,
    Thanks for the hard work. I am wondering if we have an Amharic/Ethiopian translation of NST material and what about the new version of Checkout Materials?
    Is it Ok to translate the material and use accordingly?

    1. Bethlehem – there is no translation in Amharic/Ethiopia, but you are welcome to download any and all of the materials and translate and/or adapt in a way that will best work in your context! Please let me know if we can help in any way!

  6. Hi, Terry
    Do you remember me? I am Esther from korea!
    I am translating NST deeper material into korean now.
    Planning to finish it in November, pray for me:)

    1. Of course I remember you, Esther! Thanks for saying hello. I greatly appreciate all the work you are doing to make the NST available in Korean! Maybe when you are done, we can upload the Korean materials here on the site also! Let me know!

  7. This is great! And love it that it is in Spanish too. By chance do you have the 39 Desired Outcomes in Spanish too? I can\’t find it in the downloadable materials.

    1. Thanks for asking! Yes, Andrew, the 39 Outcomes are available in Spanish! You can find a PDF summary of the 39 Outcomes in the Google Folder of Spanish materials and also the summary and the more detailed descriptions in the \”Manual para Líderes de Capacitación de Nuevos Coordinadores\” in the same Google Folder. The manual is a WORD document which gets a bit distorted when you look at it on Google, but if you download it, it will realign correctly. Hope that helps. Please let us knou if you have any other questions!

      1. The Spanish materials uploaded many aren\’t complete. I\’m not sure if material was recently added but the ones uploaded on the drive are missing about one activity or page compared to the full lesson. Do you anything about the differences and if you have the full lessons?
        Thanks, Andrew

        1. Hi Andrew – Can you please give me a specific example of an incomplete lesson so I can go look at it? Different translators worked on the lessons… And are you looking at América Latina or España? I think the España materials are a better translation, but I will be glad to check for you. Not all the \”Deeper\” materials are translated, but I thought the lessons were complete. Please let me know.

  8. Hi, Nice to meet you!
    I\’m Peter lee, South Korea NST team leader!
    This site is very helpful to us!
    Thanks for your serving!

    1. Hi Peter! This is Terry Morgan answering you! So glad that you have found the site helpful! We sure enjoyed the time with you in Korea and have such wonderful memories! May God richly bless all your efforts to develop your precious new staff! We hope our paths will cross again soon!

  9. Great job! I want to give a shout out to our NAME Ops STINT who worked on graphic design and text editing for much of this project (Ann Lang and Jenna Christophersen) It is great to see some of this work come to fruition!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Nancy! Yes, we are very grateful for the wonderful graphics, layout and editing that makes the NST such a quality material! Thanks for the shout out!

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