The Roles describe how you think and what you do as a leader.
There are four Roles in the Leadership Framework: Direction Setter, Change Agent, Coach and Spokesperson.

The DIRECTION SETTER takes responsibility for the future of the movement.

The Direction Setter continually thinks about the future of the organization and thinks about what needs to happen to accomplish the mission—to win, build and send Christ-centered multiplying disciples who launch spiritual movements.

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As a CHANGE AGENT, the leader evaluates and adapts to changing conditions in pursuit of mission and vision

The Change Agent is responsible to lead the team in identifying and removing the obstacles that might keep them from achieving the mission.

The Change Agent looks ahead to new trends and opportunities and takes the time to lead the team in doing the evaluation, research and testing that is required to keep the team on the cutting edge of accomplishing the mission, with creativity and with attention to changes in the environment of the audience they are trying to reach.

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The COACH builds the team to fulfill the mission.

In the Coach Role, the leader builds the team, ensures that the right person is doing the right job, creates an environment for growth, and coaches individual team members for growth and effectiveness for the mission, using coaching skills and processes.

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Effective Coaching

The SPOKESPERSON represents the vision, needs and resources of the ministry.

The Spokesperson is the one who communicates or represents the mission to those outside the organization or outside of your team.
The leader as Spokesperson takes the initiative to build a network and manage the variety of crucial relationships that are essential to the mission.

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  1. Hi,
    I work with Cru in Australia. In one of the Spokesperson resources it mentions \”Paul Eshelman videos on Spokesperson and “Example” of Spokesperson (ND Website Leadership Videos)\”. What is this website, and is it something I can access? I\’m working through the Leadership Framework with some leaders on our campus.

    1. Hi Pip!
      Thanks for visiting and writing here! I am attaching some links from the old ND site. I don\’t know if you need permission to access the site. Do you have a GCX login? If so, you can request access if these don\’t work for you. There are many, many resources on that site.
      The other option is to find the video on YouTube:
      Hope this is helpful for you!
      Terry Morgan
      VP LDHR team

      1. Hi Terry, I am on Cru staff in Budapest, Hungary. Currently I am working on leaders framework with my co workers.
        I do have gcx login but it seems i am not allowed (no rights) to enter ND site. Would you help me in the matter?
        Thanks, Marek

        1. Hello Marek! Thank you for visiting and commenting. I contacted the ND site administrator, Barry Rush, and he should have invited you into the ND site by now. I hope that you can find whatever resources you need. If you need more help, please let me know!

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