No matter which role you are operating from at any given time, the four RESPONSIBILITIES are influence skills needed in each role. For example, a leader in the Coach role will need to cast vision, have a strategy, align, and motivate people to be encouraged and equipped to live out the mission.
There are four Responsibilities: vision casting, strategy formulation, aligning, and motivating.

ALIGNING is inviting others to join in through involvement or direct invitation.

It is the ability to bring all of your people and structures together, pulling in the same direction, in order to carry out the strategies and accomplish the vision.

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MOTIVATING is helping others push onward to reach the mission, even when it is difficult, and shaping the morale of the team so there is positive energy for each person to maximize their contribution to the mission.

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VISION CASTING is communicating to others a picture of the future in emotionally compelling words. What will it look like when the vision is achieved?

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STRATEGY FORMULATION is collaboration with – empowering and igniting – team members to develop the significant actions or tactics for a plan to accomplish the mission… helping people know how to get there.

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