Interview with the LDHR Llama

Steve Morgan, our Chief Llama Handler, had a chance to sit down with our newest team member, the LDHR Llama, for an exclusive interview.

Steve: Welcome to the team, Llama. I just have to ask you, “How did you become the LDHR mascot?

LDHR Llama: Well, I am completely adorable, and people love me. All that aside, I love LDHR. It is an excellent fit for me.

Steve: You don’t say. Please, go on.

LDHR Llama: Like all llamas, I am friendly, sociable, pleasant to be around, curious, and approachable.

Steve: That sounds like a wonderful personality for a global LDHR leader.

LDHR Llama: Well, yes, I appreciate that. I consider those some of the soft skills needed when working with many kinds of people around the world.

Steve: In LDHR, we face many people challenges in a VUCA environment. That is, ministry environments in countries can be volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. How do you handle those challenges?

LDHR Llama: I may not have all the answers, but I am intelligent and good at learning and understanding, like many of my species. We also are very calm by nature, which helps us not to escalate problems. I consider myself to be the “no-drama llama.”

Steve: Hey, I see what you did there with the rhyming thing.

LDHR Llama: Well, we can all take ourselves too seriously at times. Being the camel’s hippie cousin, I am playful and fun too.

Steve: I can tell you that LDHR is not always fun. Our people go through some tough things in their lives and ministries.

LDHR Llama: For sure. In some of my previous roles, I have been invited into school crises, hospitals, and nursing homes because of my gentle and soothing vibe. Llamas make great therapy animals for children and all ages up to older adults.

Steve: I read that llamas are quite sure-footed and easily able to navigate rocky terrain at high altitudes. How do you see that translating to your role as the LDHR Llama?

LDHR Llama: In LDHR, we relate to leaders at many levels of the organization. I can navigate strategic conversations at the highest levels of any organization. Leaders are often open with me because of that and my personality.

Steve: What other things will you “bring to the table” in your role?

LDHR Llama: I am a good traveling companion for anyone’s LDHR journey; I can carry a lot of weight for long distances and will quite literally give you the “coat off my back.” I am hardy and well-suited to any ministry environment. If you have a difficult LDHR issue to resolve, I can help you. “No probllama.”

Steve: It really does sound like LDHR is a perfect fit for you. Any last thoughts?

LDHR Llama: With all humility, people say I am totally cool. Working with you would be even cooler. Together, we can be llamazing.

Steve Morgan is married to Terry, and they have four adult children. He has been on staff for 40 years, including 17 years in Latin America and 11 years with Global LDHR. Steve’s passion is coming alongside leaders and teams and helping them grow. He enjoys bike rides and hiking with Terry, triathlons, assessments, writing, and coaching.

8 thoughts on “Interview with the LDHR Llama”

  1. Hi Steve, I was wondering, now that it has been a little while since the LDHR llama joined your team, how is it going? How has the transition been as a new team member for the llama? Is the llama really busy with his new responsibilities?


      Hi Mel,
      I can truly say it has been no prob-llama for the LDHR Llama. I think it was Maya Angelou who said that people don’t often remember what you say; they remember how you made them feel. We all feel pretty great with the Llama. The LDHR Llama has the heart to serve the people in the global LDHR world and is a great journey companion because llamas can carry lots of weight for long distances. As you can imagine then, the Llama has indeed been quite busy lately, helping our national LDHR leaders get access to the new Member’s Area. We just love the Llama’s heart to help every national LDHR leader feel welcomed into this community.


      You know, the Llama is very busy helping people all over the world, but it seems he always has time for people.


      Yes, Terry. Isn’t the Llama something we all aspire to be in LDHR? That day the Llama showed up in our face-to-face meeting was pretty fun and life-changing for our entire team!

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