Get Ready for the Buzz – Upcoming Events!

Hello LDHR leaders!

We hope the new year is treating you well! We are excited to share with you some of our content offering ideas for the upcoming months. You might also want to think about folks you know who would be encouraged by these topics. More info will be coming soon on Workplace and our new Members’ Events page!

Please let us know if you have any questions. We’d also love to hear your ideas and any other topic suggestions you have for the future. 

We want to be offering resources that meet your needs. Comment below!


Your First 100 Days in LDHR

(Jan-April 2024)

To support national ministries with new staff involved in LDHR (or those who’d like a refresher!), we are hosting a ‘group training’ event using the online version of First 100 Days and learning interaction with global leaders.

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Celebrating Women's Stories

(Feb-March 2024)

Coinciding with International Women’s Day, we are excited to feature and celebrate stories of women in the ministry globally, especially highlighting LDHR leaders (possibly in partnership with Global Staff Women 😊).


LDHR Professional Development

(March-April 2024)

We will give focus to the “professional” elements of LDHR, including relevant trends in the commercial world, the role of legal departments, and promoting various qualification opportunities (SHRM, CIPD).


Leadership Pipeline

(April-May 2024)

We’ll take a helpful look at articles and resources for the Leadership Pipeline (including the new “Lite” version) and offer webinars for starting off and digging deeper / problem-solving.


Retention & Wellbeing

a “Staff Life Cycle” focus
(May – June 2024)

The link between wellbeing and retention is strong, particularly post-pandemic, so how do we engage with and ensure the wellbeing of our staff? We are planning to offer a series of blog posts and related articles, etc.

8 thoughts on “Get Ready for the Buzz – Upcoming Events!”

  1. Thank you for providing these growth opportunities for us globally! Really looking forward to participating from Down Under as much as we can.

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