Week #5

You will finish the 31-day experience this week. Remember… We connect more deeply with God when our souls are hurried. Our relationships flourish when our hearts are at rest. And we will find more answers to our ministry and life goalswhen we spend extended, unhurried time with Jesus. Savor. Focus. Rest. There are additional resources […]

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Week #4

Great job. You’ve made it to week four. You are almost done. No, that is not true. You are only just beginning to apply what you have learned. There will be challenges ahead. Circumstances, people, and needs that sneak in and begin to take over the margin and the rest you have carefully set aside. 

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Week #3

You are about halfway through your 31 days. This might be a good time to reflect on your biggest lessons so far.  What were your most impactful “aha!” moments? What do you want to do differently in your life going forward? Enjoy the journey ~

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Week #1

May this first week of content challenge you and give you new vision for how you can unhurry your life.  May your heart and soul find rest in each day and new habits to apply towards life change.

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Let’s Begin

Hurry has become a way of life. It is intoxicating, addicting… and destroying our lives. Some of us wear the busy label like a badge of honor and proof of our worth. Others of us are desperately seeking unhurried living but do not know how to find it. The truth is, hurried and unhurried are

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