Developing Resilience

Care For leaders to grow personally and see movement growth in our constantly changing world, they must develop abilities to adapt and flourish as they face times of adversity and stress. Learning to “bounce back” from challenges and change develops a resilience that will allow them to continue to lead as they follow Jesus.  […]

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Healthy Life Rhythms We can define self-care as recognizing, respecting, and providing for our human needs. Healthy life rhythms are one way we care for ourselves and avoid the risk of having little or nothing to offer others. These rhythms help believers look and act more like Jesus.  Proper self-care aligns with our movement’s desire to see

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VUCA, Millennials, Gen Z and LDHR

Care By acknowledging our present VUCA world and understanding the value that the Millennial and Gen Z leaders bring, LDHR leaders can offer better care, development, and opportunities to our staff, volunteers, and partners for building movements. To care and develop people well, we need to be a student of people. We want to

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Vision Casting

Strategy Vision is seeing a God-given objective for the future in your mind’s eye, so you are motivated to act in the present. Vision Casting is communicating to others your picture of the future in emotionally compelling words and word pictures, creating meaningful mental images, and connecting with the heart. Vision Casting is a

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Building a Team

Development Shared leadership means that we execute the mission through effective ministry teams at every level. Shaping our Future Together Campus Crusade for Christ, Int. is committed to shared leadership.  A team can see exponential results by working effectively together. Teams that work powerfully together understand each others’ strengths and weaknesses, spiritual gifting, and

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Creating a Learning Culture

Development Our organizational culture values learning and growth and embraces new ideas and changes that move us toward our mission. Good leaders are committed to creating a learning culture by developing personally and providing opportunities for their team members to learn and grow. We want our organizational culture to reflect a learning environment. Every

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Leaders as Coaches

Development Growth is one of our organizational values. People feel known and valued when someone comes alongside and champions their development in collaboration with the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. As people grow, they mature, experience increased well-being, and become fruitful in the mission.  Coaching, mentoring, and discipleship are excellent ways

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Strategy Formulation

Strategy Strategy Formulation is one of the Leadership Framework’s influence skills. Strategy Formulation requires collaborating with team members and empowering them to develop specific tactics of a plan to accomplish the mission. It is helping people figure out the most effective way to reach the vision. The critical elements of Strategy Formulation are understanding

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Development Motivating is a key influence skill for a leader, shaping the team’s morale, so there is positive energy to maximize each person’s contribution to the mission. Motivation helps to sustain people’s “I’m in!” response even in the face of challenge and change. It is the “This is why I am doing this” and

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Action Learning

Development Action Learning is a way of doing work while at the same time intentionally observing, practicing, and growing character and relational skills. Rather than separating work and personal development, action learning recognizes that combining them is a powerful experience. Action Learning can take place in a short time frame like a meeting or

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Event Management

Strategy As we build movements everywhere, we frequently host events where people gather for encouragement, vision, learning, outreach, and fellowship. These events and conferences can last a day, a weekend, or a whole week. Designed and executed well, these events offer a unique type of encouragement to followers of Jesus to excel still more.

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Strategy Aligning is a key influence skill for good leadership. Alignment to a clear purpose is critical for teams to work together effectively and for movements to grow. Aligning also helps leaders engage their teams with new projects, changes, and ideas.  In this module, you can learn the benefits of alignment, the costs of

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Spiritual Formation

Care As an organization, we seek to lead from our values (faith, growth, and fruitfulness) so that people live out a passionate walk with God, grow and develop, and bear lasting fruit. While discipleship and spiritual formation overlap, they are unique. Spiritual formation is a transformational process where we notice and pay attention to

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Having Difficult Conversations

Processes Why do we avoid difficult conversations? No matter what the reasons, we pay a steep price for our avoidance. Joseph Grenny, an acclaimed author of Crucial Conversations, can help us develop the skills for critical conversations when the stakes are high–when the issue is emotionally important to the people in the conversation.  This

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Welcome – Start here!

Start Here Welcome to Development Pathways — your continuing journey of professional development in Leadership Development and HR (which we affectionately shorten to LDHR). Thank you for bravely taking your first steps on this journey! As Paul said in the video, Development Pathways is not a training course to work through, and it won’t

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Training Needs Analysis

Processes Training Needs Analysis has to do with identifying new knowledge skills and mindsets needed to meet individual staff member’s needs and the movement’s developmental requirements. For our people to thrive, they need to be well equipped for the task God has called them to. In many of our countries, training falters after New

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