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You will find helpful training philosophy, perspective, and process information in the GUIDEBOOK about this Team Leader Training. It will also be helpful if you are planning your own team leader training program.
WELCOME LETTER to new team leaders


A great variety of interactive, adult-learning style sessions are included in the training. You will find the sessions under the New Relationships, New Work, New Influence, and New Capacity tabs.
Each session contains an Overview which is the facilitator’s guide for the session. Each session may also contain some of these other materials: PowerPoint/Google Slides presentation, participant notes for the team leaders, and/or further learning resources.
A SESSIONS LAYOUT and SUGGESTED SEQUENCE are provided, so that you will know at a glance what sessions are available and which sessions should be presented before others.
(You can click here if you would like to view the original Outcomes that are the basis for this training. Also, if you prefer to organize your training using the Spiritual, Self, and Strategic Leadership outcome categories instead of the “New” categories shown on this site, please click here for an Index of the topics organized by those categories.)


We strongly suggest that training include pre-event preparation and after-event coaching in order to increase learning and life-change. These pre-event materials help prepare a new leader to identify learning needs:

Read “Leadership Begins in the Heart” Andrea Buczynski.

Take the Team Leader Self-Assessment.

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