The Learning Centre


Let’s face it – learning can be hard work (and a bit dull) sometimes. That’s why we’ve developed new ways for you to engage with some of our tried-and-tested resources like Your First 100 Days in LDHR, as well as designed new ways to help you grow in your LDHR leadership and thinking.

But we’re not here only to help Leadership Development and HR professionals. We’ve also partnered with a global design team to create courses on new mindsets and behaviours all movement leaders want to grow in.

These courses are available for free to leaders inside and outside the CCCI/Cru family, so have a look and start a new developmental journey today. 

Mindsets and Behaviors

Klärende Gespräche

We have crucial conversations every day and those interactions matter. They impact our unity and our mission.

In Netzwerken arbeiten

Networks are everywhere. They are not new. Learn to work together in networks to help reach those who do not know Jesus.  

Andere bevollmächtigen

Learn how to build a culture of empowering leadership that releases the best in people for God’s kingdom work.

Intercultural Leadership

Let’s embrace God’s design in diversity and learn to work well together, leading with curiosity and humility, reflecting His unity.  

Growth and Development

Your First 100 Days in LDHR

Accelerate the mission as you build competence and confidence in the first days of your LDHR adventure.

Development Pathways

Choose the learning modules that are most relevant and helpful to you and design your personal learning path.

31 Days of Unhurried Living

Begin your process of life change with encouragement, reflection opportunities, and tips for unhurried living.

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