Developing Leaders Who Build Movements

Providing a range of resources and tools for you and your team that will equip you and guide you toward reaching your fullest potential.

Leadership Framework

Who leaders are and what they do

The Leadership Framework resources help leaders integrate a growing heart for the Lord and others with thinking skills and influence skills so they experience greater faith, growth, and fruitfulness for reaching the nations for Christ.

First 100 Days

Making it easy for you to start well in LDHR

‘Your First 100 Days in LDHR’ consists of 14 weekly sessions that will help you develop foundational knowledge for operating as an Leadership Development and HR leader. The sessions have been written and compiled by some of our movement’s top practitioners from around the globe, drawing from over 100 years of combined experience in ministry and LDHR.

Global 360

An opportunity to grow by receiving feedback from those around you

The Global 360 Review is a feedback tool designed to help you develop by receiving feedback from your director, peers and direct reports, in addition to your own observations. With the help of a facilitator to coach you, you will have opportunity to reflect on all the observations and consider next steps.

This tool is not designed to be used as a performance evaluation tool. The feedback is confidential and the property of the reviewee.

Team Leader Training

Essential preparation for new team leaders

Team Leader Training offers interactive, hands-on training sessions and resources to prepare new leaders for spiritual and strategic leadership, growth in self-awareness, and the ability to lead a team, leading to success in their new role.

New Staff Training

Equipping trainers and leaders with resources for on-boarding new team members

This training package contains resources that you can adapt for training and onboarding your new missionaries, volunteers, or disciples and preparing them for a lifetime of fruitful ministry. You will find movement-building components using creative, relevant, attractive learning methods that do not depend on a training “center” or education venue. 

National Team Leader Development

Set the spiritual temperature and strategic direction for national ministry

In our organization, the National Team Leader (NTL) sets the spiritual temperature and strategic direction for the national ministry, so investment in their initial training and ongoing development is essential.

Featured Tools

Equipping you with the tools you need to develop leaders who build movements

Personal Development Plan

A step-by-step worksheet to help you determine areas for growth, set clear goals, and consider different methods and opportunities to create and implement a development plan

Growth Model

A proven "recipe" for growth in greater self-awareness and self-management skills using context, principles and case studies

Learning as a Lifestyle

Practice these four habits and develop a lifestyle of continual learning

30 Days of Feedback

Tips and activities to encourage you and your team in giving and inviting feedback

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