New Staff Training

Resources for leaders who are responsible for training and onboarding new members with movement-building components using creative, relevant, attractive learning methods that do not depend on a training “center” or education venue. You can adapt these resources to meet your specific needs in on-boarding and training your new missionaries, volunteers or disciples and preparing them for a lifetime of fruitful ministry. 

These resources are designed for CCC and Cru trainers, directors and LDHR leaders globally who are passionate about our New Staff – committed to preparing them well using the 39 Desired Outcomes in the areas of Heart and Ministry Fruitfulness. 

If you are not part of CCC or Cru, you are also very welcome here.  Our resources can be adapted and/or translated for training and preparing your missionaries, volunteers, or disciples for a lifetime of fruitful ministry! 

The following two sections give details of both curriculum to use in training your new staff and also details of how to run an effective event to train the trainers

The New Staff Training offers an exciting curriculum with relevant, engaging, interactive sessions for equipping our new staff. There is one session created for each one of the 39 Desired Outcomes. Each session has Heart, Mind, and Hands components to facilitate learning and life change. There are Scripture passages to study, articles to read, activities to apply, additional resources for deeper, individualized learning, and evaluation opportunities.

The sessions are designed to be done one-on-one with a trainer/mentor or in small groups, but can be adapted for a variety of training situations.

The training curriculum includes a guidebook that explains the history, philosophy, and layout of the training sessions. It also includes pages for doing a comparative evaluation of your present training program with the new 39 Outcomes.

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Orientation Manual
The New Staff Training materials also include an Orientation Manual for the New Staff leaders.

Download Orientation Manual

Sample Curriculum Training Sessions
We offer all the resources needed for the New Staff training process in multiple languages! Check out the Google Drive links below for downloadable material.


In order to have outstanding New Staff Training, you need to ensure that the trainers themselves are trained well.

As you think through how to go about equipping your trainers, we have put together all the elements you will want to consider in the  Planning a “Trainers Training” Event document.  It includes details of:

  • Design Team interactions
  • Key learning objectives for the time
  • Schedule layout
  • Using coaching groups

We have also created and tested suggested content for a 5-day “Training the Trainers” event that includes:

  • Why are we here? – the vision and outcomes
  • How do we learn? – adult learning and coaching
  • What do we do? – hands-on practice with the materials  
  • How to keep learning – principles of life-long learning
  • What’s next? – action planning

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