Conflict, Grievance and Discipline

As part of our “Your First 100 days in LDHR” course, this learning module leads you through the general principles of conflict resolution; the differences between conflict, grievance, and discipline; how conflicts can be resolved biblically, as well as offering more resources, tools and reflection questions.


Some people believe that issues of conflict and discipline will not be present in a Christian organization. However, those of us who have worked on teams know that conflict is part of every team situation. In this session from “Your First 100 Days in LDHR”, Theresa Anstett (General Counsel’s Office, USHR) details both the principles and the processes for dealing with conflict, grievances, and discipline. 

By working through this material, you will be able to:

  • Articulate the biblical framework for handling conflict, grievances and apply in a staff context.
  • Articulate the legal framework for grievances and discipline.
  • Develop and apply a biblical and culturally sensitive procedure for conflict, grievances, and discipline.

Learn more about Dealing with Conflict and Discipline here.

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