Hello. I’m the LDHR Llama.

I’ll be your guide as we walk the LDHR leader journey together. This members’ area is a rather special place just for those of us who work in LDHR within one of the CCCI/Cru family of ministries worldwide. Check out the options below to get you started on your best path.

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Connecting you to resources

Many excellent resources and ideas are available on LDHR.org, but we don’t want you to journey alone. We can provide a “consultant” to walk you through the details for some of these. Sometimes helping you form a network might be more appropriate. You may need a light touch from someone experienced or a steady hand to walk you through a longer-term project. Get in touch if you have questions about any of these areas, and we’ll see what we can do together.

  • Evalu8 LDHR – having a national-level diagnostic discussion
  • First 100 Days in LDHR – coaching or facilitating small group 
  • Learning Centre course – growing with a companion or a group facilitator
  • Global 360 Review – help with consultant or Admin training

Connecting you to experts

We can’t always provide these things on demand, but if you are interested in any of the following trainings, get in touch, and we can certainly point you in the right direction of finding out more.

  • Coach training
  • BPMT (Building Powerful Ministry Teams)
  • Immunity To Change

There are quite a few assessments that are common language through the ministry. If you’re inquisitive and want to know more, here’s the best way:

  • Birkman – you may know a Birkman consultant in your region, but if not, contact Mark. McGowan@cru.org
  • CoreClarity – A team approach to the CliftonStrengths assessment. There’s a Workplace group that’s a great place to connect.
  • MBTI – You can network with others in this Workplace group.
  • EQi/EQi360 – contact Karen Zando
members - connecting to experts

Connecting you to people who want to listen

Resources are great, but sometimes you just need to talk things through or have someone journey with you while figuring it out. The Llama has seen it all, and he’s here for you. Get in touch if you would like an appointment to talk things through or just some online support. We can create a consultancy appointment for you to review, develop or create an elegant and bespoke solution for your situation.

Here are some things we already know a thing or two about:

  • Career path process support
  • Training contextualization support
  • Process design
  • Staff selection review
  • Leadership transition / LPP
  • Policy design and review/job descriptions
  • Onboarding
  • Member Care
  • Building LDHR capacity


….and that’s just the starting point. Is something else on your mind? The Llama can help.

**OK, I confess. I don’t do all this by myself. The Llama has people. Want to see who they are and how they can help you? Click on the Who’s Who tab below.

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