Session 1- Overview Your First 100 Days in LDHR

Your time and energy invested in this opportunity will increase your competence and confidence as you seek to multiply the effectiveness of the movement builders under your care. You will improve your understanding of LDHR and strengthen your impact for the cause of Christ so that everyone will know someone who truly follows Jesus.”


The main content will be our Your First 100 Days in LDHR course, and we are offering much more. Experienced LDHR leaders worldwide will facilitate the online ZOOM sessions, and there will be discussion and peer coaching opportunities with LDHR practitioners like you from many different countries.  


The event is for anyone serving with LDHR or whose primary role includes LDHR-related functions.

It is specially designed for people new to the LDHR role but will also be helpful for others who may need clarification about some aspects of the role or want a refresher. 

If you are an LDHR generalist (whose role includes the entire scope of LDHR), you would greatly benefit from every session, but if you are a specialist in a particular aspect of LDHR, you can choose which sessions to join based on your need or interest.


The content will come from the Your First 100 Days in LDHR in the Learning Centre, which you will complete on your own (After the first session, participants will be expected to work through the related sessions before each online event.). The purpose of the online events will be engagement and discussion with LDHR members worldwide to help solidify your understanding and application of the topic(s) discussed. 

We will consolidate the course to 8 sessions held every two weeks, giving you ample time between sessions for reflection, application, and necessary preparation for the next session. We will also invite different LDHR leaders from around the world to facilitate the online discussions. 


90-minute Zoom calls, generally every other week beginning January 16 (except for Passion Week).

Here is the basic schedule:


Time: 2:00-3:30 pm (UTC/GMT). If you need help converting the time, you can use this site: 

Register HERE 

Please register for the entire online event to get in the communication loop. You are encouraged to attend every session, but if you cannot join a session or want to choose sessions to attend based on need or interest, that is okay, too. Each topic is a “stand-alone” session you can attend based on your needs.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact the LDHR Llama at

After you register, we will contact you with more information!

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