The LDHR Framework

Global LDHR has adopted and developed a philosophical framework organized around four basic components of LDHR: Strategy, Development, Care, and Processes. It was originally adapted from Human Resource Champions by David Ulrich.

There is often a tendency in LDHR to lose sight of the big picture. The LDHR Framework not only fits all the individual pieces of our role together, but it also reminds us that our mission is the mission of our global movement: “to win, build, and send Christ-centered multiplying disciples who launch spiritual movements.”

The unique role LDHR plays in fulfilling that mission is to partner with others in developing effective leaders, growing people and healthy teams to accelerate movements everywhere. To do that, we focus on four specific quadrants: 

  • Strategy with the desired outcome of partnering with mission leaders to help achieve our people objectives. 
  • Development with the desired outcome of developing leaders who will effectively build movements. 
  • Care seeks to ensure that all staff are known, needed and have a future. And, finally, 
  • Processes with the outcome of implementing processes that make staff life easier rather than burdening people down.

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