Global 360 Review

The Global 360 is a feedback tool designed to help you develop by receiving feedback from your supervisor, peers, and the team as well as your own observations. It provides a medium for self-reflection by asking others what they observe about you. 

What is the Global 360?

The Global 360 Review is designed to help a person develop by receiving feedback from their director, direct reports, and peers. It provides an opportunity for self-reflection and growth through what is observed by people who have varied relationships with the person — a “360” degree review.

The feedback is received through questionnaires. A person (the Reviewee) who wants feedback in order to grow initiates a review, and invites friends, direct reports, coworkers and supervisors (Reviewers) to help by filling out a questionnaire. Email invitations with a personalized link to a questionnaire are automatically sent to all the Reviewers chosen by the Reviewee. Each person using the Global 360 system will create a profile with an email address and his/her name.  Language, country, and preferred first name can also be personalized in the profile.

Once the Reviewee has enough completed questionnaires, the Consultant/Facilitator, chosen by the Reviewee, will generate a summary report from the questionnaires and set up a time to discuss the feedback. The Consultant/Facilitator and the Reviewee will then discuss ways the Reviewee can grow based on what was learned from the feedback and begin to create a plan for development.

This video will give you a helpful overview of the Global 360 process:

Click here to visit the Global 360 site.

Getting Started

How do I get started?

Visit the Global 360 Review website at

Once you register with your name and email address, you will arrive at your Dashboard.

Personalize Your Account

From your Dashboard, you can click the Account tab to see your basic profile. Please click the ‘Edit Account’ link, and add your Preferred First Name and your Country information to personalize your G360 experience.

Initiate a Review 

To initiate a review, click on the “Initiate Review” link on your dashboard.

On the Initiate Review page, choose whether you want to initiate a review for yourself (left column) or someone else (right column). Pick the Review Type and choose the Due Date. (The default is set for one month. You can change the due date if you prefer.) Click the Continue button to complete the initiate review process.

For more information, you can watch the videos on the Global 360 website under the Resources tab >> Helpful Information or you can view them below.

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