Caring for Our People

LDHR values people by ensuring they are known, needed, and have a future. Our goal is to maximize individual contribution by having each person in the right role, on the right team, with the right preparation and resources.

Ciclo de Desenvolvimento de Membros

Three conversations to transform your team's effectiveness and engagement in mission

The Staff Development Cycle helps team leaders and team members maximize and focus their conversations by identifying priorities and encouraging professional, personal, and spiritual development.

Planos de Carreira

Helping chart your career path

The Career Pathways process can help you chart a course for career development within the organization. It facilitates understanding better how God has shaped you and helps determine a right “fit”  in current and future roles.

Member Care Course

This resource identifies the mindset and framework for good Member Care at every level in our organization. Member Care practitioners, LDHR staff, and other leaders will be equipped with relevant, practical knowledge for partnering in providing an environment of genuine care throughout the ministry.

Featured Tools

Equipping you with the tools you need to care well
for future leaders.

31 Days of Unhurried Living

Enjoy a month of short daily encouragements, reflections, and tips for living an unhurried life, or just dip in and out as needed


This resource is part of our Member Care course and demonstrates how our care for ourselves helps us to care for one another

An Introduction to Spiritual Formation

Learning to walk moment by moment in the power of the Spirit and being conformed/transformed into the image of Christ

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