Avaliação da LDHR

If you’ve been using the LDHR Framework, you probably have a good understanding of what Leadership Development and Human Resources is all about, but you may be overwhelmed by the amount of ‘stuff’ that needs to be done. Evaluating what is currently going well and what needs to be worked on is essential in determining what needs to be accomplished. Here are some tools to help you act strategically and prioritize your actions.

Prioritizing your LDHR ministry: Familiarize. Contextualize. Gather.

Evalu8 is a step by step process examining your LDHR function and, in light of the ministry’s needs, determining where to focus. It is primarily designed for use at a national level (or regional level, in some larger countries). The tool will not give you all the answers to your LDHR issues, or even tell you exactly what you should be doing, but it will ask some questions that will guide your thinking and help you choose the priorities for developing your LDHR function. The end result will be an action plan with next steps.

You may want to use this  Evalu8 form for your evaluation 

This Toolman video will help you learn more about how to do the Evalu8 process.

You may also enjoy this Evalu8 Webinar facilitated by Paul Cheesman.

Prioritizing your LDHR ministry: The Evalu8 Lite

The Evalu8 LDHR lite is a shortened and succinct version of the full Evalu8 tool. It’s quicker to do than the full Evalu8 (not requiring the wider preparation or the involvement of people outside your LDHR team), so it can be helpful as an annual “snapshot”, building on previous evaluations. It guides you through the key elements in each of the four LDHR quadrants, giving you questions to consider for each element. The Evalu8 Lite leads you to evaluate the current state of your people-function and also choose priorities and develop an action plan for moving forward.

You might want to use this form: Evalu8 Lite

This Toolman video will explain more about the Evalu8 Lite.

Prioritizing your LDHR ministry: Saira’s Journey

Saira’s Journey is an allegory; a story of a staff member’s “journey” from joining to leaving our movement. Often we pan out and look at HR from the “big picture” perspective and a jolly good thing that is too. But in this story, we’re going to zoom in on one individual’s example journey. HR and people-specialist roles are often worked out in the tension between the needs of the movement (to accomplish our part in God’s calling) and the needs of our individual team members (who God has called to serve together with us). This resource, without putting aside the former (or we will lose our bearings and context), shamelessly looks at the latter and how we can continue to best serve our staff.

This tool is excellent for an interactive small group discussion. Enjoy the story! 

You can also view Saira’s Journey in PDF

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