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팀 리더들을 위한 새로운 자원들

Team Leaders are doing extra work during this COVID-19 pandemic. So much of the way we work and do ministry has changed. Team members are facing challenges of health fears, decision fatigue, isolation, stay-at-home and lock down orders, craziness at home and new home-schooling responsibilities, and much more. We have never been through anything like …

팀 리더들을 위한 새로운 자원들 더 읽기

Raise up leaders!

Feeling overwhelmed? Have too much to do? Wondering how to make more progress towards the mission? Those are common concerns for new team leaders, and my conversations this past week indicate that one answer is for leaders to invest in the growth and development of their team members and volunteers in order to reach 2020 goals. I’ve been thinking about …

Raise up leaders! 더 읽기

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